We are a non-profit tango association. Our end goal is simply to fairly pay all of the artists that perform for us, as well as to cover all costs incurred as a result of arranging the festival. Therefore, the fees you find listed below are targeted solely with achieving this goal.

You can enjoy Caras de Tango Festival in different ways: you are free to purchase any single event you wish to attend. Otherwise, to better enjoy the festival and save money, you can purchase a “Night Milongas” Pass or a “Full Milonga” Pass.

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Night Milongas

  • Milonga de bienvenida (Thursday 25 May, 10pm -3:30 am): 20€
  • Milonga Silver (Friday 26, 10pm -3:30 am): 20€
  • Milonga Gold (Saturday 27, 10pm -3:30 am) including Bandonegro live show: 30€
  • Milonga de despedida (Sunday 28, 10pm -3:30 am): 20€

Afternoon Milongas

  • Milonga por la tarde (Friday 26 May, 3pm – 7pm): 15€
  • Milonga por la tarde (Saturday 27 May, 3pm – 7pm): 15€

Other events

  • Bandonegro in concert (Friday 26 May, 7:30pm – 8:45pm): 15€
  • Gran Peña folclòrica (Sunday 28, 1pm -5pm): 10€

Get the “Night Milongas” Pass for 75€

Guarantee your place for all the 4 night’s milongas.
Save 15€ comparing to the single entrances!

Night Milonga Pass includes:

Get the “Full Milongas” Pass: 105€

Guarantee your place for all the 6 milongas plus La Gran Peña folclòrica on sunday.
Save 25€ comparing to the single entrances!

Full Milonga Pass includes:

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Registration in couple is strongly recommended

You can pick among 11 workshops in two different ways: you can purchase any single workshop you wish to attend or you can choose to purchase a Workshops Pass and save some money.

Workshop Pass works only in combination with a Night Milonga Pass or a Full Milonga Pass!

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Workshops by Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino

  • Paralelo and cruzado systems: manage and master the couple synchronization
    intermediate (2.5hr), 26 May
  • Musicality in motion: ways to structure dynamical phrases and understand each other in the long range
    intermediate/advanced (2.5hr), 27 May
  • Improvisation: training and exercises to unleash creative potential
    advanced (2.5hr), 28 May

Workshops by Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo

  • Body alignment and partner positioning in tango. The concept of isolation to be aware of ourself and to build a great contact with the partner
    all level (1.25hr), 26 May
  • Turns (Giros): let's discover 2 ways to approach! Experimenting with geometry and elastic of the embrace
    intermediate (1.25hr), 26 May
  • Leg wrap (Barrida & Enganche): weight distribution, timing and possible sequence
    intermediate/advanced (1.25hr), 27 May
  • Entradas vs Sacadas for leader and follower: Controlling the speed of the movement and reversible movement
    advanced (1.25hr), 28 May

Workshops by Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella

  • Boleos and combinations. Understanding how to generate different kind of boleos for a smoother and longer leg expansion
    all level (1.25hr), 26 May
  • Enrosques. The use of the pivoted axis as a generator of an entwined free leg.
    intermediate/advanced (1.25hr), 28 May

Workshops by German Ballejo & Magdalena Gutierrez

  • Combination with modern elements of Tango Danza: soltadas, barridas and ganchos
    advanced (1.25hr), 27 May
  • Music challenges: let’s learn playing!
    all level (1.25hr), 28 May

Workshops Pass

If you select a “Night Milonga” Pass or “Full Milonga” Pass you can book your workshops and get a discount!
The more workshops you choose to attend, the more you save!

  • Milonga pass + 1 or 2 workshops = 10% off on selected workshops
  • Milonga pass + 3 to 5 workshops = 12% off on selected workshops
  • Milonga pass + 6 or more workshops = 15% off on selected workshops

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