Dear friends,

Because of the huge amount of work required to organize an event like Caras de Tango, we serenely decided to run our festival no longer annually but every two years. It was not an easy choice to make but we want Tango to remain mainly a pleasure and not to become a job.

A big hug to everyone and let’s meet again in 2025 then!
CdT Team

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Caras de Tango comes from the desire to bring together the European and the North America tango communities to discover the many faces of tango.
Come and be part of this new experience as we celebrate the dance, music, culture, food and of course the people!

The second edition of Caras de Tango will be taking place in Torino (Italy) , from 25th until 28th of May 2023 inside the monumental Castle of Moncalieri, one of the residences of the Royal House of Savoy listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in 1997.

Enjoy an unforgettable program!

5 stunning couples
11 workshops for different level
30 hours of dance
6 international tango-DJs
1 world-class tango orchestra with two live performances

and most importantly...
thousands of embraces of people from around the world!


Experience novel workshops!

At Caras de Tango 2023, you can choose a lot of workshops of different levels (All level, Intermediate and Advanced). Thanks to world-class teachers that are joining us, we are able to offer you the opportunity to deepen some tango-related topics that fit with your expertise and expectation. Don’t miss the chance to improve your tango!

Important: Due to the international environment, all the workshops are in English language.

Tango Workshop

Meet the artists!

We’ve brought together a diverse cast of instructors to celebrate the tango culture.
Let’s discover who they are!

  • Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino

    Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino


  • German Ballejo & Magdalena Gutierrez

    German Ballejo & Magdalena Gutierrez


  • Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo

    Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo


  • Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella

    Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella


  • Selva Mastroti & Marcelo Ramer

    Selva Mastroti & Marcelo Ramer


  • Marcelo Rojas

    Marcelo Rojas

    Tango DJ

  • Punto y Branca

    Punto y Branca

    Tango DJ

  • Elisabetta Iorio

    Elisabetta Iorio

    Tango Dj

  • Benny Campana

    Benny Campana

    Tango Dj

  • Yatma Dallo

    Yatma Dallo

    Tango Dj

  • Giacomo Bombonato

    Giacomo Bombonato

    Tango Dj

  • Bandonegro Tango Orchestra

    Tango Orchestra

    Live Orchestra

Get your new tango experience!

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